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Examination of Art Melaghlyn 25/7/1653 MS 817 113r Edmund Dalton Victim Westmeath
Examination of Ann Rookeby 23/5/1653 MS 817 088r Edmund Dalton Victim Westmeath
Deposition of John Agars 21/2/1642 MS 817 048r Bryan Mageohogan Rebel Westmeath
Examination of Bryan FitzJohn Ferrall 20/1/1653 MS 817 237r John Reignold Rebel Westmeath
Examination of Henry Pierce 17/2/1653 MS 816 288r Christopher Hollywood Rebel Westmeath
Examination of Suffrani Mead alias Conner 8/3/1653 MS 817 297r James Conner Mentioned Westmeath
Deposition of John Adis 11/7/1642 MS 817 046r John Adis Deponent Westmeath
Deposition of William Moorehead 19/7/1642 MS 817 032r William Moorehead Deponent Westmeath
Examination of Henry McGawley 26/4/1654 MS 817 123r Henry McGawley Deponent Westmeath
Deposition of John Stroughan 11/7/1642 MS 817 020r John Stroughan Deponent Westmeath
Deposition of Henrie Rice 26/5/1643 MS 817 080r Henrie Rice Deponent Westmeath
Examination of Daniell O’Hurragho 9/11/1641 MS 809 158r Daniell ô Hurragho Deponent Westmeath
Examination of Charles Roe undated MS 817 064r Charles Roe Deponent Westmeath
Deposition of Thomas and Ann Humfrey 7/9/1642 MS 817 052r Thomas Humfrey Deponent Westmeath
Deposition of Randall Adams 7/3/1642 MS 817 042r Randall Adams Deponent Westmeath
Deposition of Dame Martha Peirce 22/12/1642 MS 817 026r Martha Peirce Deponent Westmeath
Examination of Bryan ô Neddelee 2/5/1653 MS 817 100r Bryan Neddelee Deponent Westmeath
Deposition of Jane Countess of Westmeath 8/9/1642 MS 817 010r Jane * Deponent Westmeath
Deposition of Christopher Haughfen 1/6/1646 MS 817 076r Christopher Haughfen Deponent Westmeath
Examination of Garret Terrill 18/12/1641 MS 817 057r garret terrill Deponent Westmeath

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