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Examination of James Nickson 16/8/1653 MS 839 116r Andrew Nickson Victim Derry
Examination of John ffergison 3/5/1653 MS 839 115r John Mortimore Rebel Derry
Examination of Teige Sleagh 17/4/1654 MS 828 061r William Hurly Rebel Derry
Deposition of Richard Whitside 13/12/1642 MS 839 104r Richard Whitside Deponent Derry
Deposition of James Smith 23/2/1642 MS 839 095r James Smith Deponent Derry
Examination of Donnoghy ô Cahan 8/3/1653 MS 838 070v Donnoghy ô Cahan Deponent Derry
Examination of Art McCormacke 23/3/1653 MS 838 041r Art McCormacke Deponent Derry
Deposition of Robert Waringe 12/8/1642 MS 839 108r Robert Waringe Deponent Derry
Deposition of John and James Redferne 7/11/1642 MS 839 100r John Redferne Deponent Derry
Examination of Nicholas ffulton 22/3/1653 MS 838 082v Nicholas ffulton Deponent Derry
Examination of Lawrence ô Cullen 7/3/1653 MS 838 066v Lawrence ô Cullen Deponent Derry
Examination of William Erwine 14/5/1653 MS 839 120r William Erwine Deponent Derry
Examination of Brian Modder McHenry O Cahan 11/3/1653 MS 838 029r Brian O Cahan Deponent Derry
Deposition of Ann Graham 13/1/1643 MS 839 105r Ann Graham Deponent Derry
Deposition of Charles Anthony 12/6/1642 MS 839 096r Charles Anthony Deponent Derry
Examination of Mary Stockman 8/3/1653 MS 838 071v Mary Stockman Deponent Derry
Examination of Martin Taaffe 30/3/1653 MS 838 041v Martin Taaffe Deponent Derry
Deposition of Edward Moore and Margaret Moore 9/4/1644 MS 839 112r Edward Moore Deponent Derry
Depositions of Anne Smyth, Susana Wright, Anne Walton 15/9/1642 MS 839 102r Anne Smyth Deponent Derry
Examinacion of Jennett Minnis 22/3/1653 MS 838 083v Jennett Minnis Deponent Derry

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