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Examination of Mary Wilson 1/6/1653 MS 838 210r William Willson Mentioned Antrim
Examination of Rich: Magee 22/4/1653 MS 838 156r Will: Wiers Denounced Antrim
Examinacion of James Widderoe 2/3/1653 MS 838 058v James Widderoe Deponent Antrim
Recognizance of James Widderoe 2/3/1653 MS 838 059r James Widderoe Deponent Antrim
Examination of William Jackson 13/5/1653 MS 838 244r John White Denounced Antrim
Examination of John White 15/4/1653 MS 838 245r John White Deponent Antrim
Examination of John Stephens 19/3/1653 MS 838 242r John White Denounced Antrim
Letter from William Waringe 28/5/1653 MS 838 119r Will: Waringe Deponent Antrim
Deposition of Peeter Wappall 12/3/1642 MS 838 001r Peeter Wappall Deponent Unknown
Examination of Felice Waller 9/5/1653 MS 838 143r Felice Waller Deponent Antrim
Examination of Bryan Mulhallen 9/6/1653 MS 838 181r Henry Vpton Mentioned Antrim
Examinacion of Daniell McGillmartin 31/5/1653 MS 838 179r Henry Vpton Mentioned Down
Examination of Alexander McOwen 6/5/1653 MS 838 259r Henrie Vpton Mentioned Antrim
Examination of John Turner 7/3/1653 MS 838 065v John Turner Deponent Derry
Recognizance of John Turner 7/3/1653 MS 838 066r John Turner Deponent Antrim
Examination of George Tomson 8/3/1653 MS 838 069v George Tomson Deponent Derry
Recognizance of George Tomson 8/3/1653 MS 838 070v George Tomson Deponent Antrim
Letter from Joan Todd undated MS 838 081r Joan Todd Deponent Antrim
Examination of Jane Todd 18/3/1653 MS 838 079v Jane Todd Deponent Derry
Examination of Thomas Theaker 18/7/1644 MS 838 007r Thomas Theaker Deponent Antrim

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