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Examination of Thomas Smyth 3/5/1653 MS 839 056v Andrew Yonge Victim Tyrone
Deposition of John Gibbs 6/5/1653 MS 839 058r John Allen Victim Tyrone
Information of Captain John Perkins 8/3/1644 MS 839 040r Patrick Donnelly Rebel Tyrone
Examination of Turlough Groome O Quin 2/6/1653 MS 839 091r Phellemy O Neile Rebel Tyrone
Examination of William Skelton 20/2/1653 MS 836 171r Phelim O Neile Rebel Tyrone
Deposition of John Kairnes 14/4/1642 MS 839 033r Shane Neell Rebel Tyrone
Examination of Michaell Harrison 11/2/1653 MS 836 127r Phelym ô Neale Rebel Tyrone
Examination of Edmond Knowles 25/3/1653 MS 839 066r Neile ô Quin Rebel Tyrone
Deposition of Edward Wilson ex parte Robert Rowan 12/10/1642 MS 839 028r Edward wilson Proxy Tyrone
Deposition of William Bell 30/4/1642 MS 839 029r Wiliam Bell Deponent Tyrone
Examination of Patrick Modder ô Donnelly 30/3/1653 MS 838 042r Patricke ô Donnelly Deponent Tyrone
Deposition of Elizabeth Moore 5/3/1643 MS 839 035r Elizabeth Moore Deponent Tyrone
Deposition of Anthony Stratford: supplement (see fols 36r-36v) 7/2/1643 MS 839 024r Anthony Stratford Deponent Tyrone
Examination of Joseph Travers 25/2/1653 MS 836 156r Joseph {Travers} Deponent Tyrone
Examination of Nicholas Combe 4/6/1653 MS 839 078r Nicholas Combe Deponent Tyrone
Deposition of Sir William Stewart 12/10/1643 MS 839 045r William Stewart Deponent Tyrone
Deposition of Anne Bullinbrooke 22/12/1642 MS 839 030r Anne Bullinbrooke Deponent Tyrone
Deposition of Henry Boyne 16/2/1642 MS 839 010r Henry Boyne Deponent Tyrone
Examination of Phillip McManus 2/11/1641 MS 809 065r Phillip mc Manus Deponent Tyrone
Deposition of Lieutenant Anthony Stratford 7/2/1643 MS 839 036r Anthony Stratford Deponent Tyrone

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