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Examination of Andrew Lutterill 15/12/1641 MS 809 217r John * Denounced Dublin
Deposition of Samuell Felgate 8/1/1644 MS 810 232r Patrick * Mentioned Dublin
Deposition of Richard Aires 26/5/1644 MS 810 224r Richard Aires Deponent Dublin
Examination of Edward Albott 28/6/1642 MS 813 089r Edward Albott Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Francis Alleyn 26/3/1642 MS 810 109r ffrancis Alleyn Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Sarah Allicott 29/10/1643 MS 810 222r Sarah Allicott Deponent Dublin
Deposition of William Andrewes 7/11/1643 MS 810 223r William Andrewes Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Thomas ap Robert 2/3/1642 MS 809 323r Thomas ap Robert Deponent Dublin
Deposition of William ap Robert 22/2/1642 MS 809 325r William ap Robert Deponent Dublin
Deposition of William ap Robert ex parte the three orphans Bulkeley 22/2/1642 MS 809 255r William ap Robert Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Nicholas Ardagh 5/4/1647 MS 810 347r Nicholas Ardagh Deponent Dublin
Examination of Robert Arundell 22/11/1642 MS 810 203r Robert Arundell Deponent Dublin
Examination of Edmund Ashbould 31/12/1641 MS 810 099r Edmund Ashbould Deponent Dublin
Examination of Christopher Ashpoll 2/6/1642 MS 810 201r Christopher Ashpoll Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Ambrose Aungier 7/3/1642 MS 809 291r Ambrose Aungier Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Raph Austin 23/2/1642 MS 810 037v Raph Austin Deponent Dublin
Examination of Garratt Aylmer 14/3/1642 MS 840 013r Garratt Aylmer Deponent Dublin
Examination of Peter Rickebee 1/4/1654 MS 833 295r Brian ô Mullpatricke Rebel Dublin
Examination of John Warren 21/2/1653 MS 836 139r Phelym ô Neale Rebel Dublin
Deposition of John Bacon 29/1/1642 MS 809 295r John Bacon Deponent Dublin

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