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Deposition of Edward Braxton 8/1/1644 MS 831 060r Edward Braxton Deponent Sligo
Examination of Patrick Dowd 25/11/1652 MS 831 079r Patrick Dowd Deponent Sligo
Examination of Francis Taafe 23/5/1653 MS 831 135r ffrancis Taafe Deponent Sligo
Deposition of Jane Browne 8/1/1644 MS 831 068v Jane Browne Deponent Sligo
Examination of John Boyes 3/2/1645 MS 831 109r John Boyes Deponent Sligo
Deposition of Henry Langford, Robert Browne and James Browne 18/7/1643 MS 830 036r Henry Langford Deponent Sligo
Examination of Andrew Adair 23/6/1653 MS 831 097r Andrew ô Adaire Deponent Sligo
Examination of Garett Desse 22/6/1653 MS 831 087r Garett Desse Deponent Sligo
Deposition of John Shrawley 23/4/1644 MS 831 075r John Shrawley Deponent Sligo
Examination of John Crean 14/5/1653 MS 831 118r John Crean Deponent Sligo
Deposition of William Browne 8/1/1644 MS 831 062r William Browne Deponent Sligo
Information of Lieutenant Newborgh undated MS 831 105r Liuetenant Newborgh Deponent Sligo
Deposition of Rice Jones 9/12/1643 MS 831 070r Rice Jones Deponent Sligo
Deposition of Helein Trimble 16/5/1653 MS 831 110r Helein Trimble Deponent Sligo
Deposition of Henry Dodwell 25/2/1642 MS 831 058r Henry Dodwell Deponent Sligo
Examination of Shiacus McGillerna 23/6/1653 MS 831 098v Shiacus McGillerna Deponent Sligo
Deposition of Dermott o flanagan 22/6/1653 MS 831 087v Dermott o flanagan Deponent Sligo
Information of Christian Olliphant undated MS 831 077v Christian Olliphant Deponent Sligo
Deposition of Thomas Crofton 18/5/1643 MS 831 064r Thomas Crofton Deponent Sligo
Examination of Garrott Baxter 14/5/1653 MS 831 107r Garrott Baxter Deponent Sligo

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