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Examination of Jennot O’Doherty 30/9/1652 MS 839 143r Jennet adohertie Deponent Donegal
Examination of Jane Armstrong 23/4/1653 MS 839 090r Jane Armstrong Deponent Donegal
Examination of Edward Betty 23/4/1653 MS 839 087r Edward Betty Deponent Donegal
Deposition of Mulrany Carroll 26/4/1643 MS 839 134r Mulrany Carroll Deponent Donegal
Examination of Robert Dall 30/6/1652 MS 839 141r Robert Dall Deponent Donegal
Deposition of Ann Dutton 2/11/1642 MS 839 129r Ann Dutton Deponent Donegal
Examination of Margrett Edwards 16/2/1653 MS 839 150r Margrett Edward Deponent Donegal
Examination of John Ennis 30/9/1652 MS 839 143v John Ennis Deponent Donegal
Examination of Jeane Frisell 23/4/1653 MS 839 088r Jeane ffrisell Deponent Donegal
Deposition of Hugh Gaskein 16/5/1653 MS 831 129r Hugh Gaskein Deponent Donegal
Deposition of James Kenedy 4/3/1643 MS 839 131r James Kenedy Deponent Donegal
Deposition of James Martin 16/5/1653 MS 831 126r Arthur Martin Victim Donegal
Examination of John Greenhill 2/10/1652 MS 839 139r Mullm{ } mc Swine Rebel Donegal
Deposition of Robert Nisbitt 16/6/1653 MS 831 083r Robert Nisbitt Victim Donegal
Deposition of Christopher Parmenter 28/7/0 MS 839 136r Christopher Parmenter Deponent Donegal
Examination of Jeane Pebles 30/9/1652 MS 839 143v Jeane Pebles Deponent Donegal
Deposition of Thomas Poe 19/9/1643 MS 839 138r Thomas Poe Deponent Donegal
Examination of Simon Pressley 16/2/1653 MS 839 149r Symon Pressley Deponent Donegal
Deposition of John Ravenscroft 29/10/1642 MS 839 133r John Ravenscroft Deponent Donegal
Deposition of Ann Gasgein 24/5/1653 MS 831 133r John Stanoway Victim Donegal

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