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O’Connolly’s relation of the plot to seize Dublin Castle undated MS 840 001r Owen O’Connally Deponent Dublin
Examination of Hewe McMahowne 22/3/1642 MS 840 005r Hewe ma: mahowne Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Edmund Geassell 1/3/1643 MS 810 006r Edmund Geassell Deponent Dublin
Letter from Philip Bysse to his brother 16/2/1642 MS 840 007r Phil: Bysse Deponent Dublin
Information of George Davys undated MS 830 010r George Davys Deponent Dublin
Examination of Francis Jeeves 1/2/1642 MS 840 011r ffrancis Jeeues Deponent Dublin
Examination of Hubert Pettitt 19/2/1642 MS 840 012r Hubert Pettitt Deponent Dublin
Examination of Garratt Aylmer 14/3/1642 MS 840 013r Garratt Aylmer Deponent Dublin
Deposition of William Miles 22/2/1642 MS 811 022r William Miles Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Richard Mason 29/5/1645 MS 810 022v Richard Mason Deponent Dublin
Summary of the depositions of George Stockdale and William Metcalfe undated MS 836 023r Geo: Stockdale Deponent Dublin
Deposition of George Cashell 29/2/1644 MS 810 025r Henry Mawdesley Victim Dublin
Examination of George Devenish 24/3/1642 MS 816 031r George Devenish Deponent Dublin
Examination of Charles Kenshelagh 28/10/1641 MS 809 032r Charles Kenshelagh Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Raph Austin 23/2/1642 MS 810 037v Raph Austin Deponent Dublin
Deposition of John Bartlett 15/3/1646 MS 812 049r John Bartlett Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Robert Foxe and John Anderson 21/3/1642 MS 811 050r Robert Foxe Deponent Dublin
Deposition of John Bartlett 15/3/1646 MS 810 052r John Bartlett Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Symon Bellers 16/1/1646 MS 810 057v Symon Bellers Deponent Dublin
Examination of Gerrald Relie 1/11/1641 MS 809 060r Gerrald Relie Deponent Dublin

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