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Deposition of Thomas Percivall 16/3/1643 MS 822 001r Thomas Percivall Deponent Cork
Deposition of Thomas Dodgin 23/9/1642 MS 823 001r Thomas Dodgin Deponent Cork
Deposition of Richard Sollace 30/5/1642 MS 825 001r Richard Sollace Deponent Cork
Exaination of William Wetherall 4/12/1652 MS 826 001r William Wetherall Deponent Cork
Examination of James Bowler 15/2/1654 MS 827 001r * Plunkett Denounced Cork
Examination of John Briddam 15/2/1654 MS 827 001r Garratt Plunkett Denounced Cork
Examination of Mortough Mahony 18/4/1654 MS 828 001r * Croaly Rebel Cork
Examination of Teige Sleagh 18/4/1654 MS 828 001r Charles Croaly Rebel Cork
Examination of Richard Browne 15/2/1654 MS 827 001v Garratt Plunkett Denounced Cork
Examination of Humphrey Crowley 18/4/1654 MS 828 001v * Croaly Rebel Cork
Examination of William Govers 31/5/1642 MS 822 002r William Gouers Deponent Cork
Deposition of Edmond Stiles 23/5/1642 MS 823 002r Edmond Stiles Deponent Cork
Deposition of Joan Lane 26/5/1642 MS 825 002r Joan Lane Deponent Cork
Examination of Maurice Browne 4/11/1652 MS 826 002r Maurice Browne Deponent Cork
Examination of Richard Cousines 14/2/1654 MS 827 002r Richard Barry Denounced Cork
Deposition of Phillip Vaghane 30/5/1642 MS 822 003r Phillip Vaghane Deponent Cork
Deposition of ffrances Coocke 16/6/1642 MS 823 003r ffrances Coocke Deponent Cork
Deposition of William Bushop 27/1/1642 MS 824 003r William Bushop Proxy Cork
Deposition of Nevill Lorymer & Thomas Bingham 30/5/1642 MS 825 003r Neuill Lorimer Deponent Cork
Examination of Thomas Woodcock 16/2/1654 MS 827 003r Loghlane O Leine Rebel Cork

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