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Exaination of William Wetherall 4/12/1652 MS 826 001r William Wetherall Deponent Cork
Examination of Maurice Browne 4/11/1652 MS 826 002r Maurice Browne Deponent Cork
Information relating to Miles Cooke undated MS 826 004r John ô Hagherin Debtor
Examination of Donnough oge Carthy 11/9/1652 MS 826 006r Donnough Carthy Deponent Cork
Examination of Donno Corrohowe 3/12/1652 MS 826 008r John Magner Rebel Cork
Examination of Thomas Hayes undated MS 826 010r John ô Lyne Rebel Cork
Examination of John Warraker undated MS 826 010r John ô Lyne Rebel Cork
Deposition of Richard Greenfeild undated MS 826 011r John ô Lyne Rebel Cork
Deposition of William O’Wholie 18/11/1652 MS 826 012r Lord fforbus Mentioned Cork
Examination of John McTeige Cruoly 14/9/1652 MS 826 013r John Cruoly Deponent Cork
Examination of Edmond O’Conluin undated MS 826 014r maier Iepson Mentioned Cork
Examination of Owen Coningham 26/11/1652 MS 826 015r Owen Coningham Deponent Cork
Information relating to depositions against Richard Condon 8/12/1652 MS 826 017r John Salisbury Deponent Cork
Examination of Captain John Sweet 9/9/1652 MS 826 019r John Sweet Deponent Cork
Examination of John Barry 6/12/1652 MS 826 021r John Barry Deponent Cork
Examination of William Higgins 7/12/1652 MS 826 021v William Higgins Deponent Cork
Deposition of Richard Seller 7/12/1652 MS 826 021v Richard Seller Deponent Cork
Deposition of William Merricke 7/12/1652 MS 826 022r William Merricke Deponent Cork
Deposition of Gabriell Maureley 7/12/1653 MS 826 023r Gabriell Maureley Deponent Cork
Deposition of Leonard Tyley 6/12/1642 MS 826 023v Mrs Bryan Mentioned Cork

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