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Deposition of Peeter Wappall 12/3/1642 MS 838 001r Peeter Wappall Deponent Unknown
Examination of Arthur Gore 3/6/1644 MS 838 003r Arthur Gore Deponent Antrim
Examination of Theophilus Jones 3/6/1644 MS 838 005r Theophilus Jones Deponent Antrim
Examination of Thomas Theaker 18/7/1644 MS 838 007r Thomas Theaker Deponent Antrim
Deposition of Randall Dumvil 3/6/1644 MS 838 009r Randall Dumvil Deponent Antrim
Examination of John MacAdam 14/6/1644 MS 838 015r Arthur Chichester Mentioned Antrim
Examination of Katherin Greame 15/3/1653 MS 838 017r Jane Elly Mentioned Antrim
Examination of Isobell Jamieson 29/1/1653 MS 838 019r Isobell Jamieson Deponent Antrim
Examination of Robert Jamieson 29/1/1653 MS 838 019r Henry Jamieson Victim Antrim
Recognizance of John Jamieson, Isobell Jamieson and Robert Jamieson 29/1/1654 MS 838 020r John Jamieson Deponent Antrim
Information of Mr Cornewall 8/1/1653 MS 838 020r Mr Cornewall Deponent Antrim
Information relating to Shane O Dealling et al. undated MS 838 020r Shane O Dealling Rebel
Examination of James Fitzsymons 19/1/1653 MS 838 021r James ffitzymons Deponent Antrim
Examination of Alice Countesse Dowager of Antrim 9/2/1653 MS 838 022r Alice Countesse Dowager of Antrim Deponent Antrim
Examination of Gilduffe O Cahan 10/3/1654 MS 838 024r Gilduffe O Cahan Deponent Antrim
Examination of Henry McHenry 11/3/1653 MS 838 027r Henry McHenry Deponent Derry
Examination of Brian Modder McHenry O Cahan 11/3/1653 MS 838 029r Brian O Cahan Deponent Derry
Examination of Donnell Gorme McDonnell 11/3/1653 MS 838 030r Donnell McDonnell Deponent Antrim
Examination of Brian ô Haggan 12/3/1653 MS 838 031v Brian ô Haggan Deponent Antrim
Examination of Edmund ô Haggan 12/3/1653 MS 838 032r Edmund ô Haggan Deponent Antrim

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