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Examination of Andrew Lutterill 15/12/1641 MS 809 217r John * Denounced Dublin
Deposition of Margaret Huiberts 14/3/1644 MS 810 239r Capten Cusack Denounced Dublin
Examination of William Stafford re Andrew Scurlocke 29/12/1653 MS 818 249r William Stafford Deponent Dublin
Examination of Jane Boswell 16/4/1653 MS 831 099r Jane Boswell Deponent Dublin
Examination of Luke Birne 17/9/1652 MS 811 211r Luke Birne Deponent Dublin
Summary of the depositions of George Stockdale and William Metcalfe undated MS 836 023r Geo: Stockdale Deponent Dublin
O’Connolly’s relation of the plot to seize Dublin Castle undated MS 840 001r Owen O’Connally Deponent Dublin
Examination of Hubert Pettitt 19/2/1642 MS 840 012r Hubert Pettitt Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Turlogh Linch 24/5/1642 MS 812 062r Turlogh Linch Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Thomas Bird 23/3/1643 MS 812 225v Thomas Bird Deponent Dublin
Information of Richard Semon 5/7/1642 MS 813 067r Richard Semon Deponent Dublin
Deposition of John Holmsted 25/5/1643 MS 814 250r John Holmsted Deponent Dublin
Examination of Garratt Caron 17/1/1654 MS 817 312r Garratt Caron Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Daniell Foster 7/2/1642 MS 809 279r Daniell Foster Deponent Dublin
Examination of John Septhton 15/11/1641 MS 809 176r John Septhton Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Sir Thomas Newcomen 2/3/1642 MS 809 282r Thomas Newcomen Deponent Dublin
Examination of William Savage 17/11/1641 MS 809 186r William Savage Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Robert Jones 9/2/1642 MS 809 287r Robert Jones Deponent Dublin
Examination of William Cox 19/11/1641 MS 809 194r William Cox Deponent Dublin
Deposition of Ambrose Aungier 7/3/1642 MS 809 291r Ambrose Aungier Deponent Dublin

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