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Examination of Patrick O’Dorogan 6/11/1641 MS 809 120r Patrick O Dorogan Deponent Louth
Examination of Francis McMurrogho 8/11/1641 MS 809 144r Christopher Bedlow Mentioned Louth
Information of Edmund O’Murrohye 8/11/1641 MS 809 146r Edmund o Murrehye Deponent Louth
Deposition of Edward Lappage and William Halfpenny 15/5/1643 MS 810 240r Edward Lappage Deponent Louth
Examination of Alonder Usher undated MS 810 355r Alonder Vsher Deponent Louth
Examination of Patrick Tanckard 27/5/1653 MS 810 395r James Brandon Victim Louth
Examination of Richard Randall undated MS 810 399r Arlontar vsher Victim Louth
Examination of John Reade undated MS 816 005r John Reade Deponent Louth
Examination of Charles Camble undated MS 816 008r Charles Camble Deponent Louth
Examination of John Read 19/3/1642 MS 816 020r John Read Deponent Louth
Examination of John Read 9/3/1642 MS 816 039r John Read Deponent Louth
Examination of Peeter Browne 23/6/1653 MS 816 302r Patrick Tanckard Mentioned Louth
Deposition of William Bellis 5/1/1642 MS 834 001r William Bellis Deponent Louth
Deposition of Amy Briscoe 22/2/1642 MS 834 003r Amy Briscoe Deponent Louth
Deposition of Elizabeth Hankin 22/1/1642 MS 834 004r Elizabeth Hankin Deponent Louth
Deposition of Jane More 7/3/1642 MS 834 005r Jane More Deponent Louth
Deposition of Luce Spell 5/2/1642 MS 834 006r Luce Spell Deponent Louth
Deposition of Thomas Makgill 21/2/1642 MS 834 008r Thomas Makgill Deponent Louth
Deposition of William Vesey 23/2/1642 MS 834 009r William Vesey Deponent Louth
Deposition of William Vscher 9/3/1642 MS 834 010r William Vscher Deponent Louth

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