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Examination of William Bentley 9/9/1653 MS 838 096v Michaell Doyne Rebel Louth
Examination of Nicholas Simson 8/9/1653 MS 838 096r Nichas Simson Deponent Louth
Examination of Mary Brabazon 24/2/1653 MS 836 153r Phelim o Neale Rebel Louth
Examination of William Bentley 24/2/1653 MS 836 149r Philim O Neale Rebel Louth
Examination of Ardell Beddy 23/4/1653 MS 834 198r Ardell mc Mahon Deponent Louth
Examination of Gregory Crooke 23/4/1653 MS 834 194r Ardell mc Mahon Rebel Louth
Examination of Margaret Kelly 24/6/1654 MS 834 044r Patricke McMahowne Rebel Louth
Examination of Katherin McMahowne 24/6/1654 MS 834 042r Patricke McMahowne Rebel Louth
Examination of Elizabeth Barber 26/4/1653 MS 834 040r William Barbor Mentioned Louth
Examination of Margarett Cesar 26/4/1653 MS 834 038r Patricke Birne Rebel Louth
Examination of Thomas Clerke 12/5/1653 MS 834 037r Thomas Clarke Deponent Louth
Examination of Bryan O’Donelly 6/5/1653 MS 834 035r Phelemy O Neille Rebel Louth
Examination of Bryan O’Donnelly 13/5/1653 MS 834 034r Bryan o donnely Deponent Louth
Deposition of John Clerke 30/9/1647 MS 834 032r John Clerke Deponent Louth
Deposition of Worsley Batten 23/9/1645 MS 834 031r Worsley Batten Deponent Louth
Examination of Christopher Barnwall 2/5/1642 MS 834 028r Christopher Barnwall Deponent Louth
Letter of William Cadogan 6/4/1642 MS 834 026r William Cadogan Deponent Louth
Deposition of Richard Duff 2/4/1642 MS 834 024r Richard Duff Deponent Louth
Examination of William More undated MS 834 022r William Moore Deponent Louth
Deposition of Christopher Barnewell undated MS 834 020r Christopher Barnewell Deponent Louth

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