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Examination of Bryan O’Donnelly 13/5/1653 MS 834 034r Bryan o donnely Deponent Louth
Examination of Ardell Beddy 23/4/1653 MS 834 198r Ardell mc Mahon Deponent Louth
Information of Edmund O’Murrohye 8/11/1641 MS 809 146r Edmund o Murrehye Deponent Louth
Examination of John Read 9/3/1642 MS 816 039r John Read Deponent Louth
Deposition of Elizabeth Hankin 22/1/1642 MS 834 004r Elizabeth Hankin Deponent Louth
Deposition of William Vesey 23/2/1642 MS 834 009r William Vesey Deponent Louth
Deposition of Christopher Hampton 28/3/1642 MS 834 014r Christopher Hampton Deponent Louth
Examination of Gerrard Colley 3/5/1642 MS 834 018r Gerrard Colley Deponent Louth
Letter of William Cadogan 6/4/1642 MS 834 026r William Cadogan Deponent Louth
Examination of Christopher Barnwall 2/5/1642 MS 834 028r Christopher Barnwall Deponent Louth
Deposition of Edward Lappage and William Halfpenny 15/5/1643 MS 810 240r Edward Lappage Deponent Louth
Examination of John Reade undated MS 816 005r John Reade Deponent Louth
Deposition of Jane More 7/3/1642 MS 834 005r Jane More Deponent Louth
Deposition of William Vscher 9/3/1642 MS 834 010r William Vscher Deponent Louth
Deposition of Thurstan Mawdesley 27/2/1643 MS 834 015r Thursten Mawdesley Deponent Louth
Deposition of Christopher Barnewell undated MS 834 020r Christopher Barnewell Deponent Louth
Deposition of Worsley Batten 23/9/1645 MS 834 031r Worsley Batten Deponent Louth
Examination of Thomas Clerke 12/5/1653 MS 834 037r Thomas Clarke Deponent Louth
Examination of Patrick O’Dorogan 6/11/1641 MS 809 120r Patrick O Dorogan Deponent Louth
Examination of Alonder Usher undated MS 810 355r Alonder Vsher Deponent Louth

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