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Summary of the depositions of George Stockdale and William Metcalfe undated MS 836 023r Geo: Stockdale Deponent Dublin
Recognizances of Jane Browne et al. undated MS 813 133r Jane Browne Witness Dublin
Petition of Nicholas Ardagh 18/1/1642 MS 809 226r Nicholas {Ar}dagh Deponent Dublin
Part of the Examination of Daniel Berwicke 21/5/1642 MS 810 112r Daniell Barwicke Deponent Dublin
O’Connolly’s relation of the plot to seize Dublin Castle undated MS 840 001r Owen O’Connally Deponent Dublin
Letter from Philip Bysse to his brother 16/2/1642 MS 840 007r Phil: Bysse Deponent Dublin
Information of Richard Semon 5/7/1642 MS 813 067r Richard Semon Deponent Dublin
Information of John Bevins 22/11/1641 MS 809 206r John Bevins Deponent Dublin
Information of Jane Elliot 24/5/1654 MS 816 346r Jane Elliot Deponent Dublin
Information of George Davys undated MS 830 010r George Davys Deponent Dublin
Information of Bartholomew Lemman 17/11/1641 MS 809 180r Bartholomew Lemman Deponent Dublin
Examinations of Richard Raymund 20/12/1652 MS 810 390r Richard Raymund Deponent Dublin
Examinations of Gyles Curran 16/12/1652 MS 810 389r Gyles Curran Deponent Dublin
Examinations of Ellinor Farrell and Morgan Murrey 7/11/1653 MS 817 317r Roberte fferrall Mentioned Dublin
Examination of Winifride Field 21/10/1652 MS 816 244r Thomas ffield Mentioned Dublin
Examination of William Stowell 8/11/1641 MS 809 142r William Stowell Deponent Dublin
Examination of William Stafford re Andrew Scurlocke 29/12/1653 MS 818 249r William Stafford Deponent Dublin
Examination of William Stafford 28/12/1653 MS 819 240r William Stafford Deponent Dublin
Examination of William Savage 17/11/1641 MS 809 186r William Savage Deponent Dublin
Examination of William Rowen 19/11/1641 MS 809 188r William Rowen Deponent Dublin

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