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Letter of William Domvile 19/6/1667 MS 811 246r William Domvile Deponent Unknown
Examination of William Stafford 28/12/1662 MS 819 212r William Stafford Deponent Wexford
Cover page of Ulster Depositions 19/12/1662 MS 832 172r Henry Jones Commissioner
Note 19/12/1662 MS 817 131r henry Jones Mentioned
Cover pages with seals 19/12/1662 MS 812 005r Henry Jones Mentioned
Examination of Richard Shortall 2/3/1660 MS 819 090r Tirlagh Vadicke Rebel Wexford
Examination of Peter Hooper 27/1/1660 MS 819 040r James Duffe Confederate Waterford
Deposition of George Saunders 31/8/1656 MS 829 431r George Saunders Deponent Limerick
Examinations concerning William Raine 16/6/1655 MS 821 312r William Raine Rebel Limerick
Examination of Morris Mortugh 7/6/1655 MS 827 231r Morrish Mortugh Deponent Cork
Examination of Patricke Wicken 1/3/1655 MS 819 100v Nicholas Stafford Rebel Wexford
Examination of Richard Bryne 16/2/1655 MS 817 125r Richard Bryne Deponent Westmeath
Examination of William Stafford 6/1/1655 MS 819 108r William Stafford Deponent Wexford
Examination of William Stafford 26/12/1654 MS 819 237r Robert Haye Confederate Wexford
Examination of John O’Murrow re Arthur Cheevers 10/12/1654 MS 818 329v Arthur Cheevers Rebel Wexford
Titlepage Matthew Barry’s book of examinations 17/10/1654 MS 830 124r Matthew Barry Author
Examinacion of Melghlyn o ffenagan 31/8/1654 MS 833 293r Hugh ô Rely Rebel Meath
Examination of Conor Magwyre 31/7/1654 MS 833 291r Hugh ô Rely Mentioned Meath
Examination of Shane Brady 29/7/1654 MS 833 290r Cochonaught o Gowen Rebel Cavan
Examination of Thomas Fenaghts 15/7/1654 MS 813 218r William Maghery Mentioned Kildare

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