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Reasons for early payment of sums to the poor of Ireland 15/8/1642 MS 840 055r Doctor Jones Mentioned
Statement relating to compensation of distressed petitioners 12/8/1642 MS 840 054r Dr Jones Mentioned
Letter to the Earl of Ormond on behalf of the House of Commons 15/4/1642 MS 840 052r Wm Lenthall Signatory
Order by the House of Parliament 26/7/1642 MS 840 051r H: Elsynge Signatory
Letter from the commissioners to Henry Jones 20/7/1642 MS 840 049r John Watson Signatory
Account of the rising in Munster by James Cleland undated MS 840 047r Lord fforbes Mentioned
Letter to Castlehaven 25/3/1642 MS 840 045r William Parsons Mentioned
Letter to the Lords Justices from Castlehaven 22/3/1642 MS 840 043r Castlehaven Audley Author
Letter to Castlehaven 16/3/1642 MS 840 041r Earle of Castlehaven Recipient
Letter to the Lords Justices and Council 22/12/1641 MS 840 039r Fa: Cahell Mentioned
Letter to the Lords Justices and Council 10/12/1641 MS 840 037r Luke Nettervill Signatory
Petition of the dispoyled ministers 8/3/1642 MS 840 036r Henry Jones Petitioner
Incomplete draft of Henry Jones’s observations on military matters undated MS 840 034r Lo: Conoway Mentioned
Letter from Henry Jones 14/12/1641 MS 840 033r E. of Tirone Mentioned
Statement by Henry Jones relating to the rebellion undated MS 840 032r Henry Jones Deponent Unknown
Propositions concerning the sumes of money desired and the ordering of it undated MS 840 030r Henry Jones Petitioner
Supporting statement by other ministers for Jones’ petition undated MS 840 029v Dr Jones Petitioner
Petition of Henry Jones undated MS 840 029r Henry Jones Petitioner
Letter from the distressed ladies in Dublin undated MS 840 027r Anne Docwra Signatory
The grievances of the peers and gentry of Ireland 25/3/1642 MS 840 025r Lord Strafford Mentioned

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