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Examination of Joseph Travers 25/2/1653 MS 836 156r Joseph {Travers} Deponent Tyrone
Petition of Nicholas Ardagh 18/1/1642 MS 809 226r Nicholas {Ar}dagh Deponent Dublin
Examination of Richard Browne 14/2/1654 MS 826 304v John Younge Rebel Cork
Examination of John Morley 14/2/1654 MS 826 304v James Younge Mentioned Cork
Deposition of Richard Young and John Hory 16/3/1642 MS 833 093r Richard Young Deponent Cavan
Examination of Patrick Young 16/6/1642 MS 815 405v Patrick Young Deponent Queens County
Deposition of Mary Young 5/11/1642 MS 829 060r Mary Young Deponent Clare
Examination of Margarett Yong 13/4/1653 MS 839 070r Margarett Yonge Deponent Unknown
Examination of Thomas Smyth 3/5/1653 MS 839 056v Andrew Yonge Victim Unknown
Examination of Jane Armstronge 3/5/1653 MS 839 056v Andrew Yonge Victim Unknown
Deposition of Alexander Yonge 3/8/1642 MS 821 107r Alexander Yonge Deponent Tipperary
Deposition of Henry Yong 22/9/1642 MS 825 187r Henry Yong Deponent Cork
Deposition of Andrew Yong 7/4/1642 MS 813 378r Andrew yong Deponent Kildare
Deposition of John Yew 7/10/1642 MS 825 024r John Yew Deponent Cork
Deposition of William Yeates 21/1/1646 MS 810 328r William Yeates Deponent Dublin
Deposition of William Yatts 1/9/1642 MS 816 210r William Yatts Deponent Meath
Deposition of Raph Yates 11/2/1642 MS 817 011r Raph yates Deponent Westmeath
Deposition of Raph Yates 14/2/1642 MS 817 043r Raph Yates Deponent Westmeath
Letter by Jeremie Wyse 29/3/1645 MS 818 179r Jeremie Wyse Deponent Wexford
Deposition of Julian Wyotte 20/6/1642 MS 824 102r Julian Wyotte Deponent Cork

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