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Recognizance of George FitzGearald 1/12/1652 MS 813 113r George fiz Gearald Witness Kildare
Examination of Brian Farrall 21/2/1654 MS 813 181r Margarett Trauers Witness Kildare
Examination of Robert Cusacke 4/1/1654 MS 816 306r Richard McGowen Witness Meath
Examination of Walter Welldon 9/2/1654 MS 813 175r Katherin Taylor Witness Kildare
Examination of Phillipp Brady 7/7/1654 MS 813 220r Connor Magwire Witness Kildare
List of names belonging to extracts of petition of John Nettervill undated MS 816 203r Patricke Barnewall Witness
Examination of Dauid Enos 21/2/1654 MS 813 185r Richard Dunn Witness Kildare
Recognizances of Jane Browne et al. undated MS 813 133r Jane Browne Witness Kildare
Deposition of Robert Merriman 7/5/1653 MS 837 132r Ed: Jackson Witness Down
Letter of Andrew Armstrong 9/1/1653 MS 839 054r Andrew Armstroung Witness
Examination of Anie McBrehune 8/5/1653 MS 830 061v Donnell mc Anogely Witness Roscommon
Examination of Thomas Berry 21/9/1653 MS 810 393r James sweetman Witness Dublin
Examination of Richard ffepps 13/8/1653 MS 826 241r * Stringer Witness Cork
Examination of Isack Quary undated MS 820 343v Richard ffinger Witness Unknown
Examination of Richard Dunn 21/2/1654 MS 813 187r Margarett Treuors Witness Kildare
Examination of Patricke Rush 17/2/1653 MS 813 208r Richard Dignam Witness Unknown
Examination of James Dalton 12/8/1653 MS 817 117r Andrewe Tuite Witness Kildare
Note of the High Court 28/11/1653 MS 817 229r John fferall Witness
Examination of Ann Death 1/2/1653 MS 812 337r * Scott Witness Unknown
Examination of Patrick Begg 19/10/1652 MS 816 242r Richard Langfoord Victim Meath

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