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William Fullerton to his brother undated MS 837 153v Will: Fullerton Author Unknown
William Coker 15/2/1643 MS 822 007r William Coker Deponent Cork
Trial of Richard Roertie 2/3/1653 MS 813 213r Richard Roertie Deponent Unknown
Titlepage of examinations against Lavellen Nugent undated MS 817 248r Lavallen Nugent Denounced
Titlepage Matthew Barry’s book of examinations 17/10/1654 MS 830 124r Matthew Barry Author
Titlepage evidence against Hugh Farrall 8/6/1654 MS 817 298r hugh ffarrall Defendant
Title page for County Kilkenny undated MS 812 161r John Moore Mentioned
Title page undated MS 820 017r Miniard Christian Mentioned
Thomas Jones and William Jones 26/7/1642 MS 833 169r Conor Realy Rebel Cavan
Third Commission 11/6/1642 MS 812 003r Charles * Mentioned
The state of the town and county of Wexford undated MS 818 134r Teige mcConnell Rebel
The grievances of the peers and gentry of Ireland 25/3/1642 MS 840 025r Lord Strafford Mentioned
Testimony of William King 17/6/1653 MS 830 267r william king Deponent Galway
Testimony of Thomas Smith 19/6/1653 MS 830 269r Thomas Smith Deponent Galway
Testimony of John Morgan 18/6/1653 MS 830 265r John Morgan Deponent Galway
Testimony of John Furlong 18/6/1653 MS 830 271r John ffurlong Deponent Galway
Testimony of Denish Murry et al. undated MS 817 241r William Brian Deponent Unknown
Testimony of Bartholomew Nangle 1/7/1653 MS 817 283r Bartholomew Nangle Mentioned
Supporting statement by other ministers for Jones’ petition undated MS 840 029v Dr Jones Petitioner
Summary of the depositions of George Stockdale and William Metcalfe undated MS 836 023r Geo: Stockdale Deponent Dublin

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