Who are the people behind the 1641 Depositions Project?

The 1641 Depositions Project is a collaborative project between Trinity College, Dublin, the University of Aberdeen and the University of Cambridge working in partnership with IBM LanguageWare. Eneclann was commissioned to digitise the manuscripts and to design and plan the technology behind the project and execute the final publication.

Dublin CES School
Annaleigh, Edda and Elaine hard at work
transcribing depositions in the office.

The principal investigators on the project are: Professor Jane Ohlmeyer, Professor Thomas Bartlett, Prof Micheál Ó Siochrú and Professor John Morrill, The transcriptions are edited by Professor Aidan Clarke. The researchers on the project are Dr Edda Frankot, Dr Annaleigh Margey and Dr Elaine Murphy.

The College Librarian, Robin Adams, the Keeper of Manuscripts, Dr Bernard Meehan, and his colleagues, especially Jane Maxwell, were an integral part of this project, as was Susie Bioletti, Keeper (Conservation) and conservator Laura Caradonna.

Brian Donovan from Eneclann provided technical advice, planning and support from the inception of the project in 2005.  Adam Monaghan from Eneclann was responsible for imaging the original manuscripts. Professor Vinnie Wade and Dr Séamus Lawless from the Intelligent Systems Laboratory in the School of Computer Science and Statistics and Tim Keefe, Head of Digital Resources and Imaging Services, Trinity College Dublin, provided technological advice, as did Dr Deirdre O’Regan (University of Aberdeen) and members of the Digital Humanities Observatory, especially Dr Susan Schreibman and Dot Porter. Pat Carty, IT Co-ordinator at the School of Histories & Humanities maintained the systems for the editorial team during the project.  Marie Wallace and D.J. McCloskey, IBM LanguageWare, provided the project with software and allowed us to avail of their expertise.  Rain Communications designed the artwork for the web interface. Francisco Villena, Tristan Fagan-Guimond, Ian Walsh and Elmor Lustig of KCO were the web developers for the project. Dr. Geoffrey Bradley and the team at the Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing (TCHPC) are hosting this web site at Trinity College.


Prof. Jane H. Ohlmeyer, Trinity College Dublin
Prof Micheál Ó Siochrú, Trinity College Dublin
Prof. Thomas Bartlett, University of Aberdeen
Prof. John Morrill, University of Cambridge


Prof. Aidan Clarke, Trinity College Dublin


Dr Annaleigh Margey, University of Aberdeen
Dr Edda Frankot, University of Aberdeen
Dr Elaine Murphy, Trinity College Dublin