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Deposition of Peeter Wappall 12/3/1642 MS 838 001r Peeter Wappall Deponent Unknown
Examination of Patrick Modder ô Donnelly 30/3/1653 MS 838 042r Patricke ô Donnelly Deponent Tyrone
Examination of William Bentley 9/9/1653 MS 838 096v Michaell Doyne Rebel Louth
Examination of Nicholas Simson 8/9/1653 MS 838 096r Nichas Simson Deponent Louth
Examination of Brian Magee 27/5/1653 MS 838 200r Owen Magee Victim Down
Examinacion of Daniell McGillmartin 31/5/1653 MS 838 179r Henry Vpton Mentioned Down
Examination of Knogher Agnew 6/5/1653 MS 838 138r Knogher Agnew Deponent Down
Examination of Bryan McGee 21/4/1653 MS 838 198r Owen McGee Victim Down
Examination of Murtagh O Gilmore 21/4/1653 MS 838 155r Robert Sanders Mentioned Down
Examination of Donell McGillmurtin 6/5/1653 MS 838 139r Donell McGillmurtin Deponent Down
Examination of James Warren 3/6/1653 MS 838 232r Donnell McCawly Rebel Down
Examination of Knougher O Greene 31/5/1653 MS 838 183r John Garuan Denounced Down
Examination of Jane Todd 18/3/1653 MS 838 079v Jane Todd Deponent Derry
Examinacion of John Blaire 8/3/1653 MS 838 068v John Blaire Deponent Derry
Examination of John Turner 7/3/1653 MS 838 065v John Turner Deponent Derry
Examination of Art McCormacke 23/3/1653 MS 838 041r Art McCormacke Deponent Derry
Examination of George McLaughlin 3/3/1653 MS 838 061v George McLaughlin Deponent Derry
Examination of Nicholas ffulton 22/3/1653 MS 838 082v Nicholas ffulton Deponent Derry
Examination of Donnoghy ô Cahan 8/3/1653 MS 838 070v Donnoghy ô Cahan Deponent Derry
Examination of Daniell McIllmartin undated MS 838 180r Daneill McIllmartin Deponent Derry

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