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Examination of Gilduffe O Cahan 10/3/1654 MS 838 024r Gilduffe O Cahan Deponent Antrim
Examination of William Clark 28/2/1654 MS 838 174r Manus o Cane Rebel Antrim
Examination of Pattrick Kelly 8/2/1654 MS 838 129r Pattrick Kelly Deponent Antrim
Examination of William Bayly 7/2/1654 MS 838 127r William Bayly Deponent Antrim
Recognizance of John Jamieson, Isobell Jamieson and Robert Jamieson 29/1/1654 MS 838 020r John Jamieson Deponent Antrim
Information relating to Arte McPhelim oge O Neale et al. ; 27/10/1653 MS 838 107v Michaell Dunn Deponent Antrim
Petition of Michael Dunn 27/10/1653 MS 838 106r Michaell Dunn Deponent Antrim
Order to Thomas Richardson 27/10/1653 MS 838 106v Thomas Richardson Deponent Antrim
Examination of William Bentley 9/9/1653 MS 838 096v Michaell Doyne Rebel Louth
Examination of Nicholas Simson 8/9/1653 MS 838 096r Nichas Simson Deponent Louth
Examination of Michaell Doyne 24/8/1653 MS 838 115r Michaell Doyne Deponent Antrim
Examination of Rory Duffe McCormock 13/6/1653 MS 838 044r Rory McCormock Deponent Antrim
Examination of George Sexton 10/6/1653 MS 838 292r George Sexton Deponent Antrim
Examination of George Sexton 10/6/1653 MS 838 293r George Saxon Deponent Antrim
Examination of Henry McCawell 9/6/1653 MS 838 302r Patrick McCawell Mentioned Antrim
Examination of Bryan Mulhallen 9/6/1653 MS 838 181r Henry Vpton Mentioned Antrim
Examination of John ffulton 8/6/1653 MS 838 088r Mich Donne Rebel Antrim
Examination of Anne Fitzsymons 6/6/1653 MS 838 189r Alexander Adaire Denounced Antrim
Examination of Patrick McCawell 6/6/1653 MS 838 300r John Morris Victim Antrim
Examination of Morgan Coslett 6/6/1653 MS 838 288r Rory O Hamell Rebel Antrim

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